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Turning the Tide: Introducing Say No to LNG’s Micro-Grant Program

Join our global campaign advocating for a cleaner shipping future! Apply to the Say No to LNG Micro-Grant Program to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of LNG as a marine shipping fuel.

Updated 10/16/2023

Join the global movement advocating for a cleaner shipping future by applying for the Say No to LNG Micro-Grant Program. Whether you’re a student, young person, community organizer, or anyone passionate about environmental justice or creative activism, you’re more than equipped to get involved!

The Micro-Grant Program

This program supports creative activism and unconventional activities that will raise awareness about the harmful impacts of LNG as a marine shipping fuel. Expertise in LNG or shipping is not required to participate, create, and inspire change!
How It Works: Get funding for an activity, covering expenses like supplies, event space, and communications materials. You’ll choose from three grant levels:
  • USD $200 for simple ideas you and your friends can implement
  • USD $700 for bigger projects for groups like a school climate club (community reference required)
  • USD $1000 for impactful activities involving a larger community  (community reference required)
Note: Given the nature of this Micro-Grant Program, we require receipts/invoices for cost justification. Reimbursement is dependent on the submission of the receipts and invoices.

Application Process: Apply by completing this Application Form. Select the grant level aligned with your activity’s scale and impact. You’ll then be prompted to provide project information according to the grant level you have selected.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis until funds are distributed. Successful applicants will be notified and guided on fund disbursement.

Together we can make a difference.

For a basic guide to this Micro-Grant Program, click here!

For the full Guidelines and Activity Toolkit, click here. While this program is open to all ages, these guidelines and activity toolkit are designed at the level for students and young individuals.

To provide feedback on the Micro-Grant Program, click here.