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Our Mission

Say No To LNG is a global shipping campaign aimed at debunking the myth that LNG is a “climate friendly” marine fuel alternative and exposing the true nature of LNG as the fossil fuel.

Our Collective: Spanning the world from Asia to Europe to North America to the Arctic, we are a collective of environmental experts and advocates who collaborate to push back on the adoption of LNG and educate key actors on its role in worsening global warming.

Our Collaborators: We directly support research activities that facilitate evidence-based decision-making in the shipping sector. Our campaign is informed by scientists, research institutions, technical advisors, and community leaders. We also collaborate with knowledge holders that are independent of this campaign, but working towards the same goals.

Our Goal: While we believe that there are many solutions and sustainable pathways, we have one goal: to urge policymakers, industry stakeholders, and financial institutions to urgently rule LNG out of any shipping decarbonization scenario.

Our Funding: We are supported by ClimateWorks Foundation, a global platform for philanthropy to innovate and accelerate climate solutions that scale. Our campaign is growing its partnerships with other regional and global funders to continue building a collective movement towards fossil fuel-free shipping.

Our Guiding Principles
A focus on human rights
A focus on human rights.

We recognize the importance of using a human-rights approach to support the demands and leadership of those disproportionately impacted by climate change.

Knowledge is generated in many ways
Knowledge is generated in many ways.

We support evidence-based information and integrative science, including the latest scientific data, cultural knowledge, and Indigenous ways of knowing to foster more holistic narratives.

Being accountable means being transparent
Being accountable means being transparent.

We use creative strategies to ensure all information disseminated is transparent, credible, and accessible for the general public, policymakers, financial institutions, and the shipping industry to make informed decisions.

Our Team

Photo of woman wearing cardigan and smiling at the camera
Elissama Menezes
Global Director
Say No To LNG
Woman wearing formal attire and smiling at the camera
Rachel Jai-Sho Wang
Global Communications Specialist
Say No To LNG
Man with glasses looking at the camera with arms folded
Andrew Dumbrille
Canada Campaigner
Say No to LNG
Photo of man smiling at the camera
Christian Kopp
Policy Officer
Photo of man looking at camera
Sönke Diesener
Policy Officer
Woman wearing black smiling at camera
Isabela Keuschnigg
Legal Officer
Opportunity Green
Woman wearing a white shirt smiling at camera
Constance Dijkstra
EU Campaigner
Transport & Environment
Mandeera Wijetunga Climate Campaigner
Mandeera Wijetunga
Climate Campaigner
Pacific Environment
Anna Barford
Canada Campaigner
John Yum
Maritime Transportation Lead
Solutions For Our Climate
Dr. Sian Prior
Lead Advisor
Clean Arctic Alliance
Curtis Martin
Canada Campaigner
Say No to LNG
Lynn Vanheule
One Planet Port
Eric Stam
Geunha Kim
Shipping Program Senior Officer (Alternative Fuel)
Solutions For Our Climate

Our Partners

Our partners and collaborators are a global network of environmental and climate advocates working together towards an LNG-free shipping future.