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3 simple steps to report a greenwashing ad in Canada

If you see an LNG ad that you suspect might be greenwashing, take a picture and send in an official complaint in just a few minutes!

Updated 05/27/2024

Step One: Go to the complaints form, add your information, and select whether to share your contact information.

Advertising Complaint Submission Form

The screenshot below indicates where to add your information.

You will then have the option to select whether to connect your contact information with the complaint.

Step Two: Fill in information about the ad.

Add as much information as you can, including who the advertiser is, what the product is, and when/where you saw it.

Optional: add an image of the ad if you have it!

Step Three: Insert your complaint text and/or use our template below. 

Copy and paste the complaint text template and modify it to include specific details about your ad complaint.

Please describe your concern with the advertisement:

I am writing to report an advertising campaign for your investigation. There is a greenwashing campaign deceiving Canadians with misleading environmental claims. This ad is in violation of Ad Standards Clause 1 (Accuracy & Clarity). The ad contains misleading claims, is deceptive, and omits important information. I kindly request that Advertising Standards investigates the aforementioned advertisement to ensure its compliance with truth-in-advertising standards and regulations. I appreciate your attention to this matter and trust that your agency will take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of advertising practices in Canada, and to protect Canadians from greenwashing.

That’s it! Just click “I Agree” and Submit your complaint!


Have more time? Add extra details to your concerns text, or use our letter template to outline detailed information about how the ad violates Advertising Standards Clause 1 and attach it to your complaint.

What happens next?

A decision is expected within 6 weeks: if the ad is deemed a violation of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the company will be asked to amend or withdraw it

In the meantime, contact us about any LNG greenwashing ads you see, or tag us @saynotolng on social media with a picture of an LNG greenwashing ad!

Additional Resources

For media inquiries please contact [email protected].