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Say No to LNG Global Campaign April 19, 2024
Say No to LNG Response to ZEMBA’s Announcement: Biomethane a Slippery Slope to Decarbonize Shipping
Over two years, Hapag-Lloyd will use waste-based biomethane in existing fossil-LNG vessels. There is a significant risk this contract could make the case for building new LNG infrastructure. ..
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Andre Dumbrille, Advisor, Clean Arctic Alliance April 11, 2024
The Arctic HFO Ban Presents A Cross Current For Shipping in the Arctic
This July, a ban on use and carriage of heavy fuel oil – shipping’s dirtiest fuel – in the Arctic comes into force. We call on the shipping industry and governments to hit the pause button before investing in liquified natural gas (LNG) infrastructure. ..
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Say No to LNG Global Campaign April 1, 2024
April Fool’s Joke or Real Life? The LNG shipping project on the west coast of Canada has just been approved.
The Tilbury approval will have a negative impact not only on Canadians but also on people around the world. The project aims to boost the export of LNG to Asia, which could hinder the efforts of countries in that region...
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Andrew Dumbrille, Say No to LNG - Canada March 14, 2024
Cows protest the use of LNG as a marine shipping fuel
On the heels of the cow demonstration in Marseilles, France, cows again take to the streets in Ottawa, Canada to say ‘It wasn’t me, this time’. ..
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Say No to LNG Global Campaign January 1, 2024
Say No to LNG Campaign: A Global Solutions Framework
Recognizing there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for shipping decarbonization, the Say No to LNG campaign adopts a solutions framework focused on a just and equitable transition...
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Elissama Menezes, Global Director, Say No to LNG December 31, 2023
COP28: Why gradualism is no longer an option in 2024
We must halt the expansion of existing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects in the maritime sector. It is essential to establish robust international regulations for methane emissions in the shipping industry if we hope to keep the 1.5°C target within reach. ..
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Guest Blogger: Nicole Figueiredo de Oliveira October 31, 2023
The Draculization of LNG: Why Brazil Must Resist the Expansion of Liquefied Natural Gas
Guest blog post by Nicole Figueiredo de Oliveira, Executive Director of Arayara, discussing the planned expansion of LNG in Brazil...
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Clean Arctic Alliance October 30, 2023
LNG-Powered Shipping: A Nightmare for Arctic Ecosystems
The Clean Arctic Alliance is lending its voice to calling for action to move beyond LNG shipping fuel to truly zero emission alternatives. ..
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Guest Blogger: Kathryn Cussen October 30, 2023
Halloween Scaries: LNG fuels the Climate Crisis
Guest blog post by Kathryn Cussen. Say No to LNG welcomes submissions from passionate individuals who wish to contribute to the LNG shipping conversation...
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