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Opportunity Green September 26, 2023
(Un)Sustainable from ship to shore
The report highlights the systemic nature of the cruise industry’s apparently misleading advertising, including claims being made by some of the biggest international cruise companies such as Carnival, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Costa Cruises. ..
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ClimateWorks Foundation September 21, 2023
Debunking the myth of Liquified Natural Gas
Elissama Menezes of the Say No to LNG global shipping campaign works to debunk the myth that liquified natural gas, or LNG, is a “climate-friendly” marine fuel alternative and exposes the true nature of LNG as a fossil fuel...
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Ship It Zero August 7, 2023
Shipping Decarbonization Report Card
Most carriers have only committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, too long a timeframe to avoid catastrophe, and carriers are reliant on false solutions like liquefied natural gas (LNG) and scrubbers...
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Solutions for Our Climate June 1, 2023
High and dry: The global energy transition’s looming impact on the LNG and oil shipbuilding industry
Shipbuilders face significant risk by overshooting liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping capacity that is inconsistent with future energy scenarios...
Resource type:  Report
David Suzuki Foundation May 29, 2023
Burning Bridge: Debunking LNG as a Climate Solution
This report covers the science on the climate impacts of gas, the necessary reductions in gas supply and demand under the Paris Agreement and how this disqualifies Canadian LNG as a climate solution. ..
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NIKKEI Asia May 25, 2023
Singapore is leading the way on taking carbon out of shipping
The government is driving efforts to electrify shipping vessels and shift to green fuels..
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The Magazine for Environmental Managers April 12, 2023
From Land to Sea: the Myth of LNG
From extraction to its final destination, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) impacts people, nature, and the climate. Menezes and Lem debunk the myth that LNG is the solution the shipping industry needs to decarbonize and reduce its climate footprint. If using LNG at sea creates more issues on land, is this really a solution? ..
Resource type:  Report
Pacific Environment April 12, 2023
Stop Gas Build-out at Port of Long Beach
Plans to build new fossil fuel facility for ships powered by LNG, locking in dangerous pollutants for 30 years...
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UMAS April 5, 2023
How can international shipping align with 1.5°C? Focus on 1.5°C alignment in 2030
IMO’s GHG debates have centred on the fuel transition, which is key for the ultimate transition to zero emissions, but absolute emission reductions required this decade can mostly be unlocked with efficiency...
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International Council on Clean Transportation September 30, 2022
Comparing the future demand for, supply of, and life-cycle emissions from bio, synthetic, and fossil LNG marine fuels in the European Union
The report estimates that renewable LNG will be seven times more expensive than fossil LNG in 2030...
Resource type:  Report
UCL Energy Institute September 12, 2022
Exploring methods for understanding stranded value: case study on LNG-capable ships
Researchers estimate £113bn-£185bn in losses investing in an LNG-capable fleet..
Resource type:  Report
Natural Resources Defense Council & China Waterborne Transport Research Institute September 9, 2022
Overview of the Development of Low/Zero-Emission Marine Fuels and Implications for China
China's potential to lead shipping decarbonization to renewable-based solutions and away from LNG...
Resource type:  Report
Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability May 5, 2023
Policy approaches to mitigate in-use methane emissions from natural gas use as a marine fuel
This study conducts a critical review and expert interviews to identify methane slip mitigation measures, and then identifies and evaluates potential policy instruments that could incentivize their uptake while considering the shipping sector's climate targets...
Resource type:  Report
The World Bank April 15, 2021
The Role of LNG in the Transition Toward Low- and Zero-Carbon Shipping
The report attempts to identify the role of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a bunker fuel in the years 2020–2050...
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Publication Name August 1, 2023
The Invisible Climate Impact of a Cruise Ship
Cruise operators are switching to LNG-powered vessels they say are better for the climate. New evidence suggests their emissions impact is still being understood. ..
Resource type:  News , Report
The Magazine for Environmental Managers December 12, 2022
Liquefied Natural Gas: The 21st Century Myth of Green Fossil Fuel for the Shipping Industry
The impacts of LNG and its health ramifications along the supply chain for communities on land...
Resource type:  Report
Solutions for Our Climate & Pacific Environment December 1, 2022
Korea’s Green Shipping Pathways: The Korean Shipping Landscape and Policy Recommendations for Ocean-Climate Leadership in Shipping
An overview of the current landscape of Korea’s shipping sector, including GHG emissions and policy recommendations ..
Resource type:  Report
International Council on Clean Transportation September 2, 2022
Comparing the future demand for, supply of, and life-cycle emissions from bio, synthetic, and fossil LNG marine fuels in the European Union
Estimates the demand for LNG used by ships on voyages to, from, and between EU ports in 2030..
Resource type:  Report
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment May 25, 2022
Communities in Flux: Fracking and Health Impacts: The Lived Experience
Local, qualitative data generated through interviews with people residing in Northeastern British Columbia...
Resource type:  Report
International Energy Agency May 21, 2021
Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector
World’s first comprehensive study of how to transition to a net zero energy system by 2050...
Resource type:  Report
International Council on Clean Transportation January 1, 2020
The Climate Implications of Using LNG as a Marine Fuel
The latest development of alternative marine fuel solutions, and policy recommendations to catalyze this transition...
Resource type:  Report
UMAS June 28, 2018
LNG as a marine fuel in the EU: Market, bunkering infrastructure investments and risks in the context of GHG reductions
Prospective public and private financial investments by EU member states into LNG port and bunkering infrastructure...
Resource type:  Report